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Guests in BizzTalk are Stefano Onofri (Co-CEO/Founder) and Alessandro Taramelli (Dir. Partners & Distribution). Listen to how energy efficient Cubbit is and saves CO2 emissions, how data centers are energy waisters, about Privacy by Design, why CEOs and CISO's should choose Cubbit, about The New Cloud, SDK for developers etc. Check out the time stamps to fast forward to the questions/answers.

Gasten in BizzTalk zijn Stefano Onofri (Co-CEO/Founder) en Alessandro Taramelli (Dir. Partners & Distributie). Luister naar hoe energiezuinig Cubbit is en CO2 uitstoot bespaart, hoe data centers energievreters zijn, over Privacy by Design, waarom CEO's en CISO's voor Cubbit zouden moeten kiezen, over The New Cloud, SDK voor ontwikkelaars etc. Check de time stamps om snel naar de vragen/antwoorden te spoelen. 

Time stamps: Stefano Onofri

  • 01:07 Cubbit and team
  • 04:12 Name Cubbit
  • 05:14 Cubbit's mission
  • 06:11 Limitation of data centers
  • 07:33 Benefits of Cubbit
  • 07:55 Sustainability and CO2 reduction
  • 08:59 Number of Cubbit cells in the field
  • 09:27 Inspired by bees/ beehives
  • 10:19 Privacy by Design
  • 10:57 Shape Cubbit cell
  • 11:22 How safe is Cubbit
  • 12:45 Block chain vs own technology
  • 13:50 Cubbit has no secret access to files
  • 14:59 Business (B2B), consumer (B2C) and Saas
  • 17:45 Cubbit: alternative for NAS
  • 20:07 Cubbit's desktop tool and web app
  • 21:16 Cubbit's mobile app for IOS and android
  • 21:51 How fast is Cubbit
  • 23:29 How big/large is the cloud market
  • 24:22 New developments such as SDK and object store
  • 26:25 CEO's, CISO's and developers choice for public/private cloud

Timestamp: Alessandro Taramelli

  • 28:30 Own experience, market response and Italian made

Timestamp: De Cybershop

  • 31:45 Information De Cybershop: email and telephone number